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About Faith Walk In Action Ministries

Our Founders and Our Staff

Pastor Debra Singleton is a native Alabamian.  She has lived in Georgia for a number of years.  She is the proud parent of two sons—Dorell and Michael.  She has devoted her life to loving and serving the Lord in any capacity He calls her to.
Her focus is on the betterment of the lives of men and women, boys and girls.  Whether in the church, on the job, in the community she finds her hands busily helping others. Shelearned this trait from her grandmother who she affectionately talks about quite frequently.  She is a product of hard work and strong Christian values.  Her grandmother is her hero!

She is an advocate for children and youth encouraging them to seek a life that is pleasing to the Lord.  She spends an enormous amount of time mentoring, praying, visiting those who need that extra nudge or push or have taken a detour off the road called straight. Her words are simple and straight forward: Stay focus-Keep your eye on the goal-Don’t quit, you can make it! God is with you! That’s the signature of her life.

She talks less about herself than others which lends itself to her short biography.  She understands every achievement, every award, every degree, every job, every promotion was due all in part to the Lord!  The Lord has been and is good to Debra.  She wants the world to see her as a good servant only!  This she believes is the best attainment she can ever achieve in life—Serving Well! 

She is a member and co-laborer of Faith Walk in Action Ministries, Inc., Macon, Ga.  There she is the Ministry’s administrator serving Pastor Ellen Miller, a Sunday School and Bible Study Facilitator